Paul Meskal and Saoirse Ronan, Disturbing Castaways of the Enemy

Irish prodigies Saoirse Ronan and Paul Maskall make excellent shipwrecked lovers.

Australian filmmaker Garth Davies brings together two prodigies of Irish cinema in this dystopian tale of twilight and dust. To find on Amazon Prime.

In 2065, the blue planet looks more and more like a giant Earth scorched by global warming. To survive, man establishes colonies in space. Junior and Henrietta live on a desert farm in the American Midwest. A chicken factory employee, Jr. inherited a plot covered with burnt trees. He holds it like the apple of his eye. Between the young man and his wife, the passion has evaporated, crushed by routine. Until the day Junior is drafted to serve two years on the space station. In his absence, Henrietta will have a robotic clone for company.

Shaken, the pair rekindle the flame and memories. To regain his humanity, his identity, but also to program an artificial intelligence that would replace Junior. Director of Melodrama the lion and biblical epics Mary MagdaleneAustralian filmmaker Garth Davies surprises with this dusty, oppressive and intimate camera, a distant cousin. Welcome to Gattaca and D’The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. shot in the bush, the enemy Based on three actors and the same setting. and explores the fragility of feeling love in the face of a world and future that is falling apart. “There is beauty in what dies.”Prof. Henrietta.

Irish prodigies Saoirse Ronan (Lady Bird) and Paul Mescal (after the sun) Make excellent shipwreck lovers. His charisma is an illusion for a time, before the scenario’s weaknesses become apparent. Wanting to hide the truth to better surprise the audience and encourage them to rewind the plot, the enemy runs empty. Likewise, the touching portrayal of Henrietta as a woman fighting to regain her free will is vivid.

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