This malware pretends to be GTA 6 and steals your data on macOS

New malware affects macOS devices. He has a very specific method to lure his victims: presenting himself as GTA 6, the famous and highly anticipated video game.

macOS malware
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If we tell you MalwareYou automatically think of one Under the computer Windows or one Android smartphone. In fact, malicious programs that make people talk mostly affect these two operating systems. But to think that competition doesn’t matter is a myth that dies hard, especially as we speakApple : More and more malware is targeting infected Apple brand devices. Some take control remotely while others, more traditional, steal your personal data.

The malware discovered by the Moonlock teams falls into the latter category. To encourage victims to install it, it does not hesitate to pretend to be a pirated version of GTA 6, a highly anticipated Rockstar Games video game by fans. In other cases, malware imitates Assumptions, productivity software offering short note-taking, writing and project management. Whatever disguise you use, there is a way to override the protections built into macOS.

Malware imitates GTA 6 game to infect Apple macOS devices

Macs are on board gatekeeperwhich acts as a Anti virus. It warns you when you tryInstall a potentially dangerous program from the internet. File here dmg (compared to ISO Fake GTA 6 or Notations. Apart from thisRight click on it and leave it open to ignore it. Hackers know this and show you a window explaining it. In order to get your system password and therefore access to what it protects like your passwords, the malware tells you that it must install a program “To manage your games“, in which sesame seeds need to be inserted.

Once installed, “The malware crawls system directories looking for valuable data such as cookies, form history and login information of popular web browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Edge, Opera and OperaGX. Additionally, it searches for a list of recent servers in FileZilla, databases (from the app) macOS Keychain Access and Cryptocurrency Wallets“, explains Moonlock. It’s not the easiest way to save yourself Never ignore the gatekeeper’s warningsUnless you are 100% sure about the legitimacy of the software you want to install.

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