Riolo understands Mbappé’s replacement (but remains furious with Luis Enrique)

Daniel Riolo, RMC Sport journalist, understands Luis Enrique’s decision to replace Kylian Mbappé during the OM-PSG (0-2) match on Sunday. But that doesn’t change his harsh judgment of Luis Enrique.

Kylian Mbappé’s last visit to the velodrome in a PSG jersey ended prematurely on Sunday. Very smart, the PSG striker was replaced by Gonzalo Ramos in the 65th minute during Paris’ win in Marseille (0-2). Daniel Riolo understands the choice of Luis Enrique, if a little prematurely.

“He was getting a little better.”

“He (Mbappé) wasn’t playing a crazy match,” admitted the RMC Sport journalist at Afterfoot on Sunday. “Whether it was him or Dembele, I think Paris could have had some depth but they didn’t have any. But I understand the choice, I imagine he (Luis Enrique) wanted to have more control in the middle and solidify the whole thing. Wanted to create. Area to keep the ball. I understand the choice but I would have kept Mbappé a bit longer because I thought at that moment, he was getting a bit better. It was a period when PSG wasn’t bad and behind his exit he There was time. That was the period when PSG suffered the most because it had to reorganize. But I understand.”

Daniel Riolo still raised his voice on the subject of Luis Enrique when After journalist Florent Gautreau pointed out to him that the Spaniard’s strong choices are paying off. “Do we have the right to discuss the coach? I have the impression that after Luis Enrique came along, we no longer have the right. Since he ate your brain, we no longer have the right to talk about him. Are his choices correct?

“My first criticism was their communication, the nonsense,” recalls Daniel Riolo, who has been very upset over the issue for several weeks. “Two: His picks. He’s going in circles to get a better team than the one I’ve been describing for six months.”

The treatment of Kylian Mbappé, who was replaced as a substitute during the match or at kick-off, is not, according to him, part of the real desire to manage the Spanish technician with the French star. “I read Lizarazu’s editorial which is very fair, all the players say it’s bogus, you don’t need to bite like that. You wanted him (Mbappé) to leave everything (after his transfer to Monaco a few weeks ago), editor’s note. )? Let him go?”

“We have a right not to make fun of people,” concludes Daniel Riolo. “When he (Luis Enrique) said: ‘We have to learn to play without him’, then the day before yesterday, he said: ‘Ah no, it’s not certain that he will go’… But what did I think you were? His Preparing to leave? He doesn’t care about you. When he arrives and says Barca is his favorite club and there are four or five players who could play at PSG, you don’t need to hear that. If he had told OM He would have turned the stadium upside down, it’s a shame. His career doesn’t show that he’s talented.”

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