New patch with huge new features

Helldivers 2 welcomes its new patch 1,000,200 to PS5 and PC. An update that includes many changes and Dantesque additions.

The fight to spread democracy never stops in Helldivers 2. There is no rest for soldiers who want to enjoy the “sweet freedom” of eliminating the menace of terminids and automatons. And given the game’s impeccable follow-up, players have no real reason to desert. The PS5 and PC exclusive is still one of the biggest multiplayer titles of the moment, with an undiminished presence. And some very cool new features are still making their debut on both platforms.

Helldivers 2 update that will cause mayhem

Arrowhead Games Studios has proven its seriousness towards Helldivers 2 and continues to do so almost every week. Recently, PC players were entitled to patch 1.000.104 to fix past bugs. Certain weapons and stratagems can be responsible for sudden crashes. A nasty bug that is usually completely removed. In this update, the studio has also improved the spawn rate of meteorite threats and additional conditions are available today. Gear up and prepare for even more epic games in Helldivers 2.

Patch Notes 1,100,200 PS5 and PC

“We’ve got a pretty big update to help you in your efforts to free our galaxy. And there are also new environmental threats. “Let freedom guide your way.” Announces the studio.

  • General improvements and game stability improvements
  • Level cap increased from 50 to 150
  • Balance changes to missions, strategies, weapons, enemies and helldivers
  • Added Environmental Hazards: Sandstorms and Blizzards

The changes are numerous and are all detailed in the notes for patch 1.100.200 available for the PS5 and PC versions of Helldivers 2. On the other hand, even if you catch a snowball or try to throw a grenade at him, the game is at risk of crashing. . This bug is well known by the developers, but for the moment, there is no permanent fix. But fear not, Arrowhead Game Studios is clearly on the case.

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