Natalie Portman announced her divorce from Benjamin Millepied

LTheir romance started as a fairy tale but unfortunately did not last. Natalie Portman has just confirmed the rumors of recent months: the couple she made with Benjamin Millepied is now in the past.

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The actress and the choreographer met on the sets of black swan. While he was teaching her the basics of classical dance in the film for which he had choreographed, Cupid shot his arrow. Since then, nothing seems to disturb the beauty of the Frenchman and the American star.

Two years later, in August 2012, Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied discreetly said “yes” in Big Sur, off the coast of California. It is in fact far from the media agitation that the couple was able to preserve themselves, and peacefully raise their two children, Aleph, now 12, and Amalia, seven.

A very private life

A rare example in Hollywood proves that a balanced life and happiness can flourish in the midst of a ruthless industry, where every gesture is followed, dissected, analyzed and judged, and where no camera travels for long. They survived until last May, when rumors of infidelity arose in the media, when the choreographer packed his bags in France to “rediscover cultural richness” once again, leaving California where he said he felt “isolated”.

Since then, neither artist wanted to discuss these rumors or the stolen photos with them. Natalie Portman barely acknowledged it, in the pages of February Vanity FairIt was “terrifying” to experience last spring, but she had “no desire to contribute to the subject”.

It is with the same restraint that the actress confirmed to the magazine yesterday people, through her spokesperson, that her divorce from Benjamin Millepied was officially settled, “eight months after starting the process” to separate. A statement that wants to pull the rug out from under the celebrity press and avoid any media frenzy, as it came a few hours after the publication of the magazine. here is which announced Natalie Portman’s divorce from the father of her children.

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