Kanye West doesn’t decide anything for Bianca Sensori’s outfits?

Is Bianca Sensori forced to wear outfits imposed by Kanye West? Looks like this is just a rumor!

According to rumors, Bianca Sensori is not free to dress as she chooses. But rapper Kanye West will not impose anything on this. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Kanye West is accused of imposing outfits on his wife

Ever since Kanye West married Bianca Sensori, many internet users have been worried about the young woman. Rumor has it that the rapper is pushing her to be “his thing.”

The media claims he will choose her clothes Often considered very daring. Moreover, this created a problem for Kim Kardashian. She must have yelled at Bianca.

She criticizes him for dressing too much Slightly in front of her children. You might remember Bianca’s see-through outfit. She tried to hide her chest with a simple pillow.

Afterwards, she put on a bright green slim, then a bra. The beautiful brunette often wears transparent and provocative clothes that reveal her anatomy. So these are outfits that are not unanimous.

But since these rumors were launched, Bianca Sensori and Kanye West Leave the doubt. A source close to the couple explained to our colleagues at Page Six that the girl is free To do what she wants.

Bianca Sensori: Free to be herself?

According to this source, Bianca Sensori will have no problem Kanye West has no manipulation. She will be completely involved in choosing her outfits. So, therefore it will be at the same length Wave or its man.

“People confuse Bianca’s creativity. She is a crazy personality, an extraordinary actress. She knows very well how to entertain the audience. So she is a performance artist. Bianca is as much an artist as you are. »

According to this source, Kanye West’s girlfriend is much smarter than the media suggests. “Maybe she’s using him as a puppet.” People from all over the world are watching them. Sometimes the highest form of art is to say nothing. “

Kanye West’s friend Malik Youssef also adds that the beautiful Bianca Sensori is free to choose her outfits. Consultation with her husband : ” He makes his own decisions about how to dress. I think they are experimenting together.”

“And they’re like, ‘Hey, this is cute‘ ” he adds that young The woman understood that she had power She has since married Kanye West. She feels safe. On her last Instagram photo, she has collected more than 1.3 million “likes”.

One thing is for sure, Kanye West and Bianca Sensori will continue to be talked about. His style still rocks the web. Rumor has it, they are on the same wavelength. In addition, they Will consider becoming a parent…to be continued.