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Ikea offers a super elegant shoe bench that doesn't take up space

Fall for the elegant design of this Ikea shoe cabinet. And finally bring order to your hallway, bedroom or living room!

Don’t know how to store the shoes lying around your house anymore? So, find out This bench to buy at Ikea. It is not only useful, but also very beautiful as a decoration!

Bring the art of beauty into your home with Ikea

Established in France for more than 40 years, Ikea delights fans of interior decoration and bold design every year.

for Optimize your home And make your cocoon as cozy as possible, the Swedish design brand is certainly never out of ideas. This has been true again recently after the brand relaunched the Star Bowl from the 70s.

At Ikea, you’ll find both new products. But there must also be products that continue to enjoy increasing success with consumers. Like the indestructible KALLAX shelf For which you can now get a practical storage drawer in store for less than €3.

Coming to shop at a Scandinavian brand is an experience in its own right. You are always guaranteed to find furniture or decorating ideas that are out of the ordinary. This is what has made it successful since its inception. What makes it happy are the prices charged by the brand.

Because Ikea really does Accessible design for everyone. This spring is tested by the new BOASTAD collection. Discover these elegant pieces of furniture with a refined look, which will bring some vintage chic to your home. Because they are all separated by a beautiful oak linear.

At Ikea, you’ll also find everything you need to optimize your home and make it more livable on a daily basis. This includes, for example, New storage systems To organize your house. Apart from this practical multifunction ottoman, you will also find a shoe bench that is equally useful for freeing up space in your home.

Ikea offers a shoe bench that does not take up space in the houseIkea offers a shoe bench that does not take up space in the house

Ikea offers a shoe bench that does not take up space in the house

Dual function shoe bench

Find this TJUSIG bench at Ikea One of the brand’s bestsellers. Fans of Scandinavian-inspired furnishings will love this product. Because this storage bench is as beautiful as it is practical.

It is ideal above all for small spaces. Because it has dimensions that are easy to integrate into any corner of your home. If you place it in the hallway or entrance, it will also allow us to comfortably put on or take off our shoes when entering and leaving the house.

With its dimensions of 85 cm x 32 cm x 65 cm, it is divided into two parts. The lower part is reserved for shoes, with its two practical steel shelves for storing them. you can Store up to seven pairs on this bench.

The upper part consists of a seat with handles. Which makes it convenient to move when needed. You can sit there to make it easier to put on or take off your shoes. But you can also use it as additional furniture, for example, a plant or even a lamp.

Thanks to its timeless design, conceived by Henrik Preetz for Ikea, this reference goes well with all pre-existing decorations. For its price, it’s still a nice surprise for a light budget. Discover this wooden bench, easy to maintain, At only €59.99.

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