Grégoire Margot, big announcement about his future

Landing on TF1 in 2016 after spending twenty-four years at Canal+, Grégoire Margot took over from Christian Jeanpierre as commentator for the French team’s matches, but also during other sporting events. And the 54-year-old journalist has no intention of stopping anytime soon. He recently revealed his desire to continue his career as a commentator for as long as possible.

“I’ve always had the opportunity to do other things, proofs, presentations, documentaries, etc… with Téléfoot. It turns out that if it is possible, I want to comment as long as possible. Not till the age of 80 but as long as possible. This is the only thing for me, the rest…”Margottan gave the confidence during an interview given on “Ca Parle Football” programme.

“How do you want to be bored with this? it’s impossible”

“From exhaustion of comment? Ever, He continued. You can’t be tired when you don’t know what’s going to happen, when you get on a plane or a train and you arrive at a grand place with 15,000 people in the room for handball or basketball or 60,000 for football. Stadium and you see extraordinary athletes, can you get bored of it? It is impossible. »

Commenting on football matches for almost 30 years, Grégoire Margot has teamed up with 98 world champion Bixente Lizarazu on TF1 for eight years. Both men will also be in Germany next summer to commentate on the Blues’ matches at the Euros. Additionally, he has presented the popular Sunday show Téléfoot since his arrival on the channel.

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