Cade Cowell’s signing with Chivas is not yet closed

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The accomplished Mexican-American soccer player undertook a trip that caused controversy on social networks.

Why was Cade Cowell spotted at the airport?
© Getty ImagesWhy was Cade Cowell spotted at the airport?

This Chivas fans are desperate for the announcement of new reinforcements Which strengthens the flock to the closing 2024, where in addition to the imminent Arrival of Chicharito Hernandez Another footballer who raises a lot of expectations is midfielder Cade Cowell.

For several days it was announced that under the leadership of the Guadalajara Board Fernando Hierro continues to work In closing the recruitment of accomplished representative of the United States national team; However, new details about his association with the red and white squad emerged this Sunday.

Fox Sports reporter Rodrigo Camacho revealed that Negotiations between Flox and the San Jose Earthquakess, Matías Almeyda’s former team, continue and The transfer is not closed yet For the Rojiblanco team, so they have to follow what they had planned because they are still not close to start the season in MLS.

Arrival of Cowell may stir up controversy Chiverio among the fans as he will be the first footballer to represent United States National Team That he will play with most Mexican clubs.

It will be in the coming days when it will be defined once and for all Will the negotiation close satisfactorily By the 20-year-old footballer who has attracted attention Even in European football.

At the airport and caught with a suitcase in hand

Cade Cowell’s girlfriend, Lisaida Munoz, published on her social network a photo of the footballer at the airport and with a suitcase in hand, which Chivas fans excited; however, That trip is headed to Orlando for the US National Team concentration. Under the command of coach Greg Berhalter.

Rodrigo Camacho confirmed that the signing is off soon, the footballer Stars and Stripes will break ranks with the setImmediately report to Guadalajara.

When does Chivas participation in Clausura 2024 start?

After Liga MX made the competition calendar official, it was confirmed that Guadalajara He will make his debut in the next tournament that day Saturday, January 13 at Akron Stadium Field, The day they get to Santos Laguna.

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