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PALO ALTO, Calif. – AppLovin (NASDAQ:) Corporation (NASDAQ: APP), a global marketing platform, today announced the appointment of Barbara Messing, a seasoned marketing executive with experience at Roblox, Walmart and TripAdvisor, to its board of directors.

During her career, Barbara Messing has held key positions such as Director of Marketing and Communications at Roblox, Director of Marketing at Walmart US, and various management positions at TripAdvisor, Hotwire, and Overstock. His extensive marketing and management experience is expected to contribute to the strategic direction and growth of Applewin.

Applewin CEO and President Adam Foroghi was excited to have Messing join the board, citing his extensive experience with major brands and his potential to improve the company’s marketing technology applications business.

Ms. Messing, who currently serves on the boards of directors of Vacasa and previously and XO Group, expressed his excitement about joining AppLovin’s board of directors. He looks forward to contributing to the company’s mission of creating valuable connections between businesses and their target customers.

Ms. Messing’s addition to the board complements a diverse group of industry leaders, including executives from Wynn Resorts, HubSpot, KKR and CuratedCom, as well as Adam Foroghi, co-founder and CEO of Applovin.

Applewin’s platform is designed to help businesses of all sizes reach and engage their ideal audiences through software and artificial intelligence solutions. The company focuses on helping businesses monetize and effectively expand their global presence.

This nomination is based on the press release of Applewin Corporation.

InvestingPro Insights

As AppLovin Corporation (NASDAQ: APP ) welcomes Barbara Messing to its board of directors, the company’s financial health and market performance provide a backdrop to assess its prospects for future growth. According to InvestingPro data, AppLovin has a solid market capitalization of $20.05 billion, reflecting investor confidence in its market position and growth potential.

In the area of ​​profitability, Applewin’s revenue growth is notable, with an increase of 16.54% over the trailing twelve months to Q1 2023. This is complemented by an impressive gross profit margin of 67.74%, highlighting the company’s effectiveness in its operations. Cost of goods sold in proportion to its revenue.

InvestingPro Advice highlights that AppLovin stock has seen significant gains, with a total return of 339.9% in one year, reflecting strong market performance. Additionally, the company traded near its 52-week peak at 96.86% of that peak value. This may indicate positive investor sentiment and a bullish outlook on the company’s value.

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