Accused of sexual harassment, Lizzo “presents herself as the victim!”

Singer Lizzo has been accused of sexual harassment by some members of her dance troupe. The queen of body positivity denies the allegations, and even announces… leaving the music world. Her accuser protests: “She’s playing the victim!” We summarize the scam for you.

remember Last year, a case rocked the US music world: Singer Lizzo, for many years the industry’s new icon, was accused of sexual harassment by several of her backup dancers. And not only that. “Inappropriate” gestures, grossophobic comments, assaults, kidnappings… evidence questioning her status as a motivational “body positive” activist.

We remember the words of three of her former dancers, Ariana Davis, Crystal Williams and Noel Rodriguez: Lizzo allegedly suggested to her employees to go to a club in the red light district of Amsterdam before forcing her.Touching naked dancers during the show“and for”Eating bananas from actors’ vaginas“.”During an online group chat, one of the 30 tour team members sent a photo of male genitalia.“, said another complainant.

In 2024, where are we? Well, Lizzo has denied the allegations,”Too scandalous to discuss“. And today, she is even thinking of quitting music. On Instagram, the singer explained all this in detail: “I constantly have to deal with lies being told about me. My character is criticized by people who don’t know me and who disrespect me. It’s over

But surprisingly, these comments… in turn generated a lot of backlash.

“She’s playing the victim!”

And not just any reactions. It is his accusers who comment on this publication. Listening to them, Lizzo’s comment reveals the lack of questioning and, even more, the perversity of the victim/aggressor relationship: “It’s a joke. She keeps blaming everyone and tries hard to play the victim.”Facing lawyer for the backup dancers, Ron Zambrano.

She finds herself bullied when she should be looking at herself honestly in the mirror. Her latest post is another attempt to distract from her own failings so she continues to blame everyone else for the plight she finds herself in. Lizo’s legal strategy is failing, so he desperately tries to play the victim

No one believes her when she says she stops playing music!“, the lawyer continues. In contrast, Entertainment Weekly reports, Lizzo’s spokesperson Stefan Friedman assures that “18 independent witnesses“Lizzo is on the side and condemns”Intense personal attacks“Which would be irrelevant.

Will Lizzo leave the field she has long admired or not? The fact is that already in August 2023, the singer (and flutist) found himself excluded from the selection for the 2024 Superbowl – then it was a question of scheduling the famous halftime of the event. The first clue?

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