19 blues releases, between the rest and the top 14, Allright in Care

The Blues will get Marcos next Sunday. After the top 14 days for some.
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Relief for the French team this week. 19 “Protected” players benefit from a few days of rest. Others will return to their clubs and prepare for another day of the championship.

Another 15 players who were part of the group of 34 who prepared for the trip to Edinburgh will be on deck should their clubs wish to field them in the Championship. Which is very likely.

Asson return home next Sunday to prepare for the match against Italy. With the possible exception of Castres and Toulonnais who will only join Marcos’ CNR on Monday as the poster between these two teams closes on Sunday evening on day 15 of the Top 14.

With Charles Olivaun being one of the protected players, this scenario only concerns RCT’s second-row youngster, Matthias Halagahu, who can claim a place on the bench and, therefore, first choice at Lille’s Pierre-Mauroy Stadium, and CO Hooker, Gaetan Barlot, a reservist in Edinburgh. .

There remains an unknown factor, Captain Gregory Alddrith, suffered a deep gash in his knee that required several stitches. More fear than harm, as Rochelle pointed out. But his injury required “Healing time» which may exceed the date of France-Italy. He was seen leaving Murrayfield Stadium on Saturday evening with his left leg encased in a thick rigid bandage to prevent stitches from any premature movement.

Italy first 19 players secured:

Dorian Aldegheri (Stade Toulouse), Uini Atonio (Stade Rochelles), Cyril Bayle (Stade Toulouse), Louis Billet-Bayre (Union Bordeaux-Bayles), Paul Boudehent (Stade Rochelles), Francois Cross (Stade Toulouse), Jonty Danti (Stade Toulouse), Rochelle), Gael Ficou (Racing 92), Paul Gabriellegs (Stade Française), Mathieu Jalibert (Union Bordeaux-Bagles), Nolan Le Garec (Racing 92), Maxime Loucou (Union Bordeaux-Bagles), Julien Marchand (Stade Toulouse), Pito Mouwaka (Stade Toulouse), Yoram Moifana (Union Bordeaux-Bagels), Charles Olivone (Rugby Club Toulouse), Damien Penaud (Union Bordeaux-Bagels), Thomas Ramos (Stade Toulouse), Cameron Walkie (Racing 92).

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