While the release date is being clarified, the game could arrive as early as 2025

GTA 6 is probably the most anticipated game of the ninth generation of consoles or even the decade. The next title in Rockstar Games’ flagship franchise has been a long time coming, but after 11 years of waiting, players can almost see the end of the tunnel. Indeed, the game’s release may be closer than expected.

GTA 6 Leaked Release DateGTA 6 Leaked Release Date
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Unfortunately, it will be necessary Equip yourself with some patience Because, according to the first trailer of the game, GTA 6 should be released only in 2025. Obviously, this may sound frustrating to some, but the wait may be worth it.

According to the most recent rumors, Gangster Simulator version 6 might actually be one of them. Greatest games of all time. In any case, this is the ambition of its development studio and its publisher, Take Two. Grand Theft Auto 6 will be so big that it will even define the design of the next home console.

Thus, this may have forced Sony to design its PS5 Pro around the future release of GTA 6, at least partially. The hype around GTA 6 is never ending and it Constantly fuels the imagination Players who can’t wait any longer.

Luckily for them, the latest information from a relatively reliable leaker should be cheering. In fact, the Exit the monument Rockstar could have a future Will be done very soon. If the game apparently won’t be released in 2024, this will be the one A 2025 launch is plannedIn January or February.

GTA 6: Less than a year to wait?

This presents great news for players who might be Fear of delay Possible Finally, the desire of the studio to make a complete game, the lack of official information about it and Unclear release date What the trailer revealed could be alarming.

Ultimately, it seems the players will have Just under a year to wait Before laying hands on this former video game player from Arles. If it seems so Too good to be true, that may be the case. In case of a leak, this information should be there Take with care. They cannot represent the truth at all.

Additionally, the “hype” surrounding GTA 6 raises some questions. If the game looks well on its way main task of industry, some recently Franchise sequels were successful Especially disappointing.

For example, like the title Diablo 4who took 6 years to be developedBut was a commercial success Failure related to players. The drawback is a model that is similar to live-service and a gameplay that is considered inferior compared to previous opus.

For now, just words to confirm it GTA 6 will be a masterpiece Just comes from Leaks or statements From those responsible for its development. If the game’s first trailer made your mouth water, that’s the only official source of information players will have to put their mouths on. Unfortunately, it probably won’t Don’t be a representative of the end game in its entirety.

  • GTA 6’s release, set for a vague 2025, may be closer than expected.
  • According to a recent leak, the Rockstar Games game could be released early next year in January or February.

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