Voice cloning, already a very real threat to businesses

DECRYPTION – OpenAI released a voice cloning tool that it is currently banned from using to avoid identity theft. This technology is already a threat to cybersecurity.

After text, photo, video… here is the sound. Open AI released Voice Engine late last week, an audio cloning tool capable of perfectly reproducing a person’s voice from an initial 15-second sample and saying whatever you want. The results the company is willing to suggest are impressive. Artificial intelligence models can now reproduce the nuances, inflections and distinctive characteristics of a person’s voice. Cloned sounds are becoming increasingly indistinguishable from real sound, which is beneficial for many of the positive use cases that OpenAI wants to encourage.

But, well aware of the dangers these technologies pose in malicious hands, the company is currently limiting its use to a few hand-picked partners to experiment with. ” We take a careful and informed approach before broadcasting…

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