UdeC Faculty of Medicine inaugurates centenary year and announces 100 activities for 2024

With the presence of health, university and educational authorities, in addition to the outstanding support of the civil servant community, the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Concepcion was inaugurated this Monday, January 8, 100 years since its centennial year. The activities will be carried out during 2024.

This activity Dr. Ivar Hermansen p. It was held in the auditorium and Rector of University of Concepcion Dr. More than a hundred guests were gathered under the leadership of Carlos Saavedra Rubilar; Ceremi de Salud, Dr. Eduardo Barra Joffre, Vice-Rector Dr. Paulina Rincon Gonzalez; Vice-Rector for Research and Development, Dr. Andrea Rodríguez Tastats, and Vice-Rector for Economic and Administrative Affairs, Dr. In addition to Miguel Quiroga Suazo, former Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Dr. Also present at the ceremony were Mario Valdivia Peralta, Raul González Ramos and Octavio Enriquez Lorca, later professor emeritus of the Faculty of Medicine, as well as doctors Eduardo Fass Henry and Benjamin Vicente Parada.

In particular, the Regional History Research Program (PIHER), co-editor of the UdeC History Magazine and head of the Bachelor’s Degree in History Dr. Laura Benedetti Reimann was invited as a speaker. The academic, who holds a master’s degree and a doctorate in history, took a delightful tour of 100 years of medicine in Concepcion, scientific impulse, service and the female faces that emerged from the creation of the school of medicine in the city.

In the reception, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Alejandra Ceballos Morales, pointed out that the meeting represents much more than an activity, as it represents the result of several months of intense work expressed throughout the year. and those who anticipate new opportunities to arise, such as reflecting with a critical eye, recognizing and reaffirming commitment to the pursuit of continuous improvement. “We hope that this centenary will give us the opportunity for growth that we are already experiencing,” he expressed.

The central part of the ceremony was presided over by the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Dr. Ana Maria Moraga did, who described in 10 chapters what these last 100 years have been like. On this occasion, he reviewed the global, Latin American and Chilean-local context that prevailed at the time, stressing the importance of knowing that history in order to continue preparing to face challenges based on “times change”. Timely and appropriate health actions are needed by health professionals who make up the educational unit.

In that sense, the authority of the Faculty of Medicine said “We have a Faculty Strategic Plan that has allowed us to identify opportunities for growth and development, as well as challenges to strategically move forward to achieve the vision we have. Building our Faculty , and in which priority is given to community well-being, postgraduate degrees, creation and dissemination of knowledge, engagement with the environment, updating of administrative processes and maintenance of acquired processes.

Regarding the challenges, Dr. Ana Maria Moraga mentioned bringing new technologies closer in the field of digital health, robotics and artificial intelligence as they will be part of the professional work, contributing to generate new knowledge, research centers and initiatives on priority health issues. , to include humanity in the training of new generations to see and understand the global world, to strengthen the views and actions necessary towards solving people’s problems and to be alert to the evolution of the epidemic situation and to be ready for new scenarios. It will come, all always student-centered UdeC Faculty of Medicine training.

In the framework of this milestone ceremony at the beginning of 100 years, Dr. Moraga invited the entire community to participate in the 100 activities planned for 2024, which will be held in the first and parallel 15 summer schools. They are developed based on the initiative of faculty academicians. Similarly, he shared a video summary of the centenary with the attendees.

Finally, the Rector of the University of Concepcion, Dr. Carlos Saavedra Rubilar, congratulated the academic community and all the UdeC medicine staff, emphasizing that this milestone at the beginning of the centenary year allows for the maximum development of opportunities and possibilities. The university improves the quality of life of Chileans from all who are trained with the highest level of excellence.

Minister of Health, Dr. Eduardo Barra J., suggested that the UdeC Faculty of Medicine “is a very relevant institution for what the development of local and national public health means. We cannot be absent and we hope to support the initiatives being undertaken here and continue to engage with faculty and universities in the design and development of public policies that benefit the population of our region.”

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