This Warzone Battle Rifle now has the fastest TTK in Season 2

Ludovic Quinson

Warzone expert Hussimmortal recently highlighted the weapon that now has the “fastest TTK” since the Season 2 update.

Whenever the Warzone developers bring a series of buffs and nerfs to the battle royale, things can get a little weird for a short while.

Some attachments are known to not work properly, or even in some rare cases non-existent and weapons can become redundant or completely useless.

In the Warzone and Modern Warfare 3 Season 2 updates, the developers changed several popular weapons, significantly nerfing the MCW, RAM-7, and HRM-9. This led players to turn to other weapons as their primary choice.

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After the MCW nerf the SVA 545 has become the most preferred weapon in the game, but it is not the fastest killing weapon that players can have.

The best MTZ-762 class in Warzone Season 2

According to Warzone expert WhosImmortal, that honor goes to the MTZ-762. “This thing absolutely and completely lasers everything,” the YouTuber declares before clarifying that, in the first 20 meters, it has a TTK of about 682 m/s. This is far ahead of the SVA 545, which is at 738 m/s, and the BAS-B, which is at 744 m/s.

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Close range, however, is not where a battle rifle excels entirely. It is a mid-range destroyer and dwarfs the competition with a TTK of 833 m/s in combat beyond 40 yards. This is, again, ahead of Lower B, SVA 545, and even Bruen MK9.

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Find the accessories you need to outfit this combat rifle.

  • the mouth : VT-7 Spiritfire Silencer
  • Canon : Canon pro MTZ Clinch
  • Cannon Assistant : Heavy base Bruen
  • charger : 30 round magazine
  • stock : Stock for Close Combat EXF

The MTZ’s biggest drawback is that its maximum ammo capacity is only 30 rounds. However, if you are specific, you will clearly dominate your opponents.

Obviously, things may change and something else may emerge to be the weapon with the fastest TTK, but for now we advise you to go with the MTZ-762.

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