A Pokemon Go fan is criticized for his choice of gyms

Gaston Cooney

Pokemon Go players are furious with someone who missed out on a chance to send home a lone Dragonite after spending too much time at a Pokemon Gym.

Pokemon Go is a free-to-play game with microtransactions that allow you to upgrade equipment or participate in special events. Although there is premium currency (in PokéCoins), you can earn it for free by defending Pokémon Gyms.

The more Pokémon in your team that defend the gym, the more PokéCoins you get. The downside is that there’s a cap of fifty PokéCoins, and you lose access to a Pokémon when it’s defending a gym, and you can’t recall it until it’s defeated.

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This means that it doesn’t make sense to keep Pokemon in gyms after a certain point, but the lure of free Pokemon means they’re often heavily contested, so it’s rare for defenders to hold their position for long. , especially busy places

Pokemon Go fans want Dragonite to be sent home

A user on Pokemon Go Reddit shared a thread asking if they should defeat a weak Dragonite, which had protected a gym for over 253 days. Other users rushed to the thread to ask why it had not been returned to its master.

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“Whatever you leave there will probably last just as long or longer. I’m grateful when someone takes it out the next morning so I can get my stuff back”One user wrote, while another said: “That makes no sense. We just want our 50 coins.”

“My shiny Voltali got stuck in the arena for 35 days and I almost lost my mind. I’m sure they’re begging someone to get them out!”One user lamented, while another wrote: “They’ll probably beg you to free their pokemon from jail eventually.”

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“I was once stuck in a remote arena for three years…” A user remembers, “Eventually I went there (four hours) as a special trip one day, with a friend from a different team color who agreed to take me out. They haven’t installed any pokemon since they got mine.”

“You must be doing this guy a favor, it’s worth many times more than gold.”

Fans have been asking Niantic for the ability to recall Pokémon defending gyms, but this feature has yet to be added to the game. This means that Pokemon can be lost for weeks or even years, even for a single day. Where a brave trainer manages to defeat them and send them home. Hopefully the same will happen with this Dragonite one day.

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