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The president of the Umiah Employers Union announced Monday, April 1, that restaurants and hotels are “still short of workers” in the run-up to the Paris Olympic Games this summer.

“All France Needs”, this Monday, April 1, launched Chef Thierry Marx about labor needs in the restaurant and hotel industry. morning guest FranceinfoThe president of the Umih Employers Union (Union of Hotel Trades and Industries) did not hide his concern about the needs, especially during the Olympics. “We will be tense, even in Paris. In general, we are a little less stressed because the market is a little weaker in July and August, this is common in Paris and other big cities. But overall for the duration of the Games, we are still short of staff”He explained.

how much “I don’t have an exact number”replied the starred chef, who confirmed it“We still have 200,000 positions to fill across France”, especially seasonal. And to add: “Today, the whole of France is lacking, so you can imagine that Paris is the same thing”. Blame too little remuneration? “No, we are one of the professions for which we have increased the salary by 16%. It’s nothing yet”, defended the theory Marx. Major explains recruitment problems by several factors, especially by “Population Decline”, “Housing Problem” For seasonal workers as well “Too High Taxation of Labour” in France.

“A mechanism that no longer works”

“Out of 100,000 euros of turnover for a small cafe owner, he has only 2,000 euros left at the end of the month”Assures the professional, who thinks it is out of the question “Not a cyclical problem, but a structural problem” connected with “A mechanism that no longer works”. He also mentioned that “Deregulation of Labor Costs” And one “remedial” of their business, to the extent that more and more employees “Want to pay the total instead of being tied to the company”. And the result is very solid according to him, with staff who choose to be self-employed rather than accept permanent contracts. Made a choice “To not depend on an employer, to plan your life, but to say to yourself “with my total salary, I will work as I want my budget”.

“And there, there is a fundamental theme on the fact that when someone enters our business, they will be paid between 1800 and 2000 euros, they will only be left with 1400 euros (net, editor’s note). We can explain to him that “it is national unity” and that “it acts like it” except that today, it does not allow him to find housing, it does not allow him mobility, and on the 10th of the month it is. out in the open., the great Parisian chef reasons. And to conclude: “It doesn’t just concern the hotel and restaurant businesses, it concerns all businesses. Which means we have a structural problem and not a cyclical problem..

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