The Milan scrion defused the Mbappé bomb

During the Classic, there’s always something going on. The 107th in history, which took place yesterday at the Marseille Velodrome, was not short of twists and turns. Indeed, besides PSG’s numerically inferior victory, other elements added spice to an already electric meeting. Thus, Benoît Bastian’s disputed refereeing decisions contributed to the craziness of the meeting. To add drama to the poster, Luis Enrique added his two cents. Apparently unhappy with Kylian Mbappé’s difficult evening, the Iberian coach did not hesitate to remove his 25-year-old striker.

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A decision that drew the ire of the man concerned, who, in addition to a notable exit between pouting in the locker room and an immediate return, posted an Instagram that was enigmatic, to say the least. But while the controversy was raging, the Spanish technician also showed his anger when questioned on the microphone about the handling of the KM7. Prime Video. With all these angry people, it was Milan Skriniar who played the firemen on duty. Back after several months of absence, the Slovak defender confirmed that there is no discomfort around Kylian Mbappé in the mixed zone: “I saw him in the locker room, he had a smile, he was happy, I don’t really know what you’re talking about but he was happy after the match.”

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