Sharon Stone tried to make a Barbie movie in the 1990s

The Basic Instinct and Casino actress looks back at a time in Hollywood when adapting a franchise for the big screen was out of the question.

for a while, Sharon Stone It has been decided to open the backstage doors of Hollywood to the general public. His last outing on the film sets Sliver A stir was created, leading to a provocative response William Baldwin.

This time, and after the public success of Barbie Seen by no Greta Gerwig, the actress pointed out the rejections she received when trying to transfer Mattel properties to cinemas. For the first time she pointed out in an Instagram comment, under a video posted by her America Ferrera and which featured Gloria’s Interpreter receiving a Critics’ Choice Award. By way of congratulations, Sharon Stone writes:

“When I proposed the idea of ​​Barbie in the 1990s with the support of a company director, I was ridiculed. We have come this far for you, thank you for your courage and endurance.

“I have a lot of files on it…”: William Baldwin responds to Sharon Stone

A statement that the actress explains in a podcast “fly on the wall” No Dana Carvey And David Spade. Sharon Stone takes this opportunity to report the reasons given by the studio:

“I went into the studio to try to make Barbie with a producer, with me being the CEO of Mattel at the time. We were thrown out. He said: ‘Why destroy this American icon? What’s wrong with you?’. They lectured me and then took me back to the exit.

Sharon Stone tried to make a Barbie movie in the 1990s
Warner Bros.

However, it is important to note that Sharon Stone is not the only one who wanted to bring the franchise to the big screen without success. Before Greta Gerwig’s project and Margot Robbie Endorsed by Warner Bros. Amy Schumer And Anne Hathaway Everyone made their own efforts.

So it seems that only Greta Gerwig was able to convince both the studio and Mattel’s management to make the film a success, which surely became one of the biggest pop culture events of the 2020s.

After Barbie, Margot Robbie wants to make a film on The Sims

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