Oops! Jennifer Aniston and Sandra Bullock were spotted leaving a cosmetic surgery office

His face was hidden under a black felt hat, Jennifer Aniston Photographed walking down the steps of a cosmetic surgery practice in Greenwich.

actress Sandra Bullock, Hiding behind her sunglasses, Ozark follows Amanda Anka, the wife of series star Jason Bateman. A trio that, despite trying not to notice, has caught everyone’s attention.

Stars who swore by naturalness only

The two stars have always denied their presence at these places injection used Not noticed. “People think I do a lot of (Botox) injections, but that’s not the case“, Jennifer Aniston revealed in 2015.

Sandra Bullock And Jennifer Aniston provokes questions and numerous comments on these places. And for good reason, the expert they consulted was none other than DC Neil A. is gordon, Renowned face and neck plastic surgeonwho specializes in facial rejuvenation and rhinoplasty.

A member of the Yale Clinical Faculty since 1996, Dr. Gordon’s expertise was recognized by appointment as Director of Cosmetic Head and Neck Surgery in the Department’s Division of Otolaryngology. of Surgery from the Yale School of Medicine.”We explain on the expert website.

Face Lift or Injections for Jennifer Aniston and Sandra Bullock?

Doctor Gordon It’s probably extremely competent because the two Los Angeles-based stars chose to move to Connecticut instead of resorting to the experts full of Beverly Hills.

Facelift Upper and lower facial specialists, which cost around $50,000 to $100,000 each, as well as brow and eye lifts which are around $30,000 each.”, notes the newspaper The Daily Mail. Unless it is for injection, because Botox and Kybella Botox injections on the face are also offered at $3000 and another at $6000.

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