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pearl jam, Dark matter

No one knows how to help aging rockers feel young again than Andrew Watt. The most gerontological director will pilot 12, after helming the most recent records by Ozzy Osbourne, Iggy Pop and the Rolling Stones.E pearl jam album, Dark matter, is expected on April 19. In an interview with A tumbling stone or a spinning stone, grunge Survivors bassist (and former Floppy Hat enthusiast) Jeff Ament still can’t believe the “encyclopedic knowledge” of his band’s history that the 33-year-old prodigy showed up with in the studio. Managed by A Ref Funny reminder I love rock’n’roll, the title track suggests a slightly more clinical approach (or fear), Watt has a reputation for sanitizing the sound of those he works with. But never mind, baby, you gonna put another coin back in the jukebox?

Dominic Tardif, Pres

extract of Dark matterby Pearl Jam

Dua Lipa, training season

Photo by Mike Blake, Reuters Archives

Dua Lipa at the latest Grammy Awards Gala on February 4

What we know about Dua Lipa’s next album is still speculation. A distinct sound is discussed, inspired by 1970s psychedelic pop and collaborations with Kevin Parker aka Tame Impala. We cannot say that HoudiniIn the fall and the latest song launched training season Validate psychedelic claims. The atmosphere is perhaps a little more steamy, but the dancing pulse, disco’s cousin, is still very much present. However, we noticed that Dua Lipa’s warm voice is sometimes a little too compromised by digital filters. We look forward to what happens next.

Alexandre Vigneault, Pres

extract of training seasonBy Dua Lipa

vampire weekend, Gen-X Cops

Photo provided by Michael Schmeling, Columbia

Vampire Weekend

some girls (1978) by The Rolling Stones, Like a virgin by Madonna (1984), Illmatic (1994) by NasIs this (2001) by The Strokes: New York is undoubtedly one of the most generous muses in music history. It’s Ezra Koenig’s band’s turn to be part of this great tradition of paying tribute to the city that never sleeps. Only God Was Above Us, to be released on April 5, prefaces a show on September 25 at the Place Bell in Laval (a city with better sleep hygiene). But like 2000s indie pop’s flagship trio, things are rarely easy, this fifth album also inspired by raga, the Indian song that its leader took lessons from in the Japanese countryside. Soaring from the two songs released so far Gen-X Cops It’s the one that most resembles the good old Vampire Weekend.

Dominic Tardif, Pres

extract of Gen-X CopsFrom Vampire Weekend

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