Salma Hayek, feet in the air, natural: she’s a hit

Actress Salma Hayek surprised us on this January 28, 2023. The 57-year-old star shared a new, never-before-seen photo on her Instagram account. In this photo, we find Salma Hayek natural.

The star decided to reveal herself to her audience naturally, without makeup. And it must be said that it suits him perfectly.

Salma Hayek: Natural beauty

In this photo shared on her Instagram account, Salma Hayek is posing casually, her hair is tied up, wearing pajamas, her nails are burgundy. A nature photo that became a hit as it was liked by more than 281,000 people in just a few hours.

This is not the first time that the actress has splashed the web without artificiality. The star does not hesitate to share her hot photos with her community, without fuss and where naturalness is favored. When the actress isn’t hitting the red carpet without makeup or in evening wear, it’s in a swimsuit that Salma Hayek dazzles her fans. Proof. On this December 11, 2023, the 57-year-old actress revealed her dream silhouette. One photo was liked by more than 700,000 people.

Earlier, it was during a festive evening when the actress made her mark. She appeared in an exquisite long, tight-fitting silk dress with a plunging neckline. Enough to reveal your dream body.

Salma Hayek is absolutely divine. And she wins her fans with every release and appearance!

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