PS5 and PS5 Pro players cannot take advantage of this feature

While the PS5 Pro may hit the market soon and GTA 6 Considered the most anticipated game, It looks like players will have to ignore this feature which will make fans very happy.

Bad news for PS5 and PS5 Pro players waiting for GTA 6

Sony’s PS5 Pro approaching?

Indeed, we can think that the new generation of PS5, the PS5 Pro, will soon see the light of day. If reports and leaks are to be believed, Sony plans to release a new version of its console by the end of the year as its launch coincides with Rockstar’s GTA 6 game.. A few months ago, the publisher unveiled the most anticipated game of the decade in the first trailer and Appointments are set for 2025 on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S to finally play this new opus of the franchise.

While the PS5 Pro will be an opportunity to bring new technical features to the console, Players hope that Sony will give them a chance to enjoy their games in the best possible condition. So, recently, insider Tom Henderson lifted the veil on the specifications of the future PS5 Pro. According to him the console will see It will have twice the power of its younger sibling and will be 45% faster and offer better ray-tracing management.. Internally specifies that The PS5 Pro may also offer PSSR, PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution upscalingPermissive system Better rendering in games. Finally, console performance optimization can be powered by AI to provide players with a better gaming experience.


Will GTA 6 benefit from PS5 Pro performance?

With all these characteristics, if they prove, Many gamers say that PS5 Pro can run games well in 4K and 60 FPS. But this will be the case GTA 6 ? Experts have answered this question and it will disappoint the fans.

Indeed, according to experts Digital Foundry, We may end this feature with the next game from Rockstar Games. GTA 6 performance on PS5 Pro will be similar to standard PS5. If GTA 6 Runs at 30 FPS on PS5, it will be the same on PS5 Pro due to its CPU limitations. Its processor will remain unchanged, meaning the AMD Ryzen 3rd generation Zen 2 is limited to 3.85 GHz compared to 3.5 for the PS5. Therefore, it is not enough to run titles in 4K or 60 FPS. Still, Sony’s future console could appealAngry players who want to take advantage Grand Theft Auto VI With significant graphics improvements and its resolution in 4K.

for now, GTA 6 Still expected for 2025 without a specific date being made official.

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