Promo on 12 TB, 22 TB, 44 TB hard drives… Huge storage capacity at low prices

Many SanDisk products are currently discounted on Amazon. We do not recommend the Extreme Pro portable SSD whose reliability is questionable, but there are other storage media on sale, especially hard drives. These drives are obviously slower and less compact than SSDs, but for much larger capacities, they retain a price advantage, especially with today’s discounts.

In the SanDisk Professional range (which has replaced the G-Technology brand for many years), the G-Drive 6 TB external desktop hard drive sells for €261.99 (- 6%), 12 TB for €399.00 (- 20%). ) and 22 TB €725.99 (- 6%).

SanDisk Professional G-Drive

The aluminum G-Drive case with USB-C interface (10 Gbit/s) houses a 7200 rpm Ultrastar drive capable of reaching 280 MB/s read and write speeds. Preformatted in APFS, the disk is ready to use on a Mac. The box is stackable and anchoring points allow it to be installed on a trolley.

In the general public range, the My Book 16 TB external desktop hard drive sells for €307.65 (-10%), 18 TB for €340 (-10%) and 22 TB for €479 (-12%). All these drives have a USB Micro-B interface and come with a 5Gbps USB-A cable.

My Book Duo

If these capabilities are not enough for you, there is the My Book DuoDesktop which combines two disks for a total capacity of 44 TB (RAID 0 configuration). It makes them backup Linux distributions. It is on sale at €1,099.99 (-15%). The tower has a USB-A port and a USB-C port (USB 3.0) and the disks can be configured differently to favor data redundancy (RAID 1) or independence of each (JBOD).

Finally, unlike these larger office hard drives, the iXpand 256 GB USB key sells for €65.99 (- 6%). It has the good taste of having both a USB-C connector and a Lightning connector, which is still useful for many iPhones and iPads.

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