OL grab a draw against PSG and remain well ahead

After two defeats against OL this season, in the Trophée des Champions (0-2), then in the first leg at the Parc des Princes (0-1), Paris Saint-Germain were not far from victory at the Groupe Stadium this Sunday evening. , but had to settle for a draw (1-1) at the end of a very good battle between two of the best teams in the championship.

Poor in chances, however, the first period was not stingy in terms of rhythm, intensity and another bitter duel between the players of the two teams. In a good place, OL and PSG left very little space and engaged in a high-level tactical duel. However, Lyon planted the first banner in the 3rd minute with Selma Bacha’s free kick, headed by Lindsay Horan, who came up against Katarzyna Kidrzynek, while her second effort found its way past the Parisian goal.

Under the watchful eye of OL owner Michel Kang and Blues coach Hervé Renard from Thursday, who had to choose between the shock D1 and CAN finals that he will no doubt see in replays, the first real try came in the 32nd minute when Sandy Baltimore tried his luck from 20 meters for Jocelyn Preture’s men. . Alert, Christian Endler stepped out to catch a left-handed shot.

A long battle in the middle

With a big battle in the middle the two teams completely neutralized each other and we had to wait until the end of the first period to get some excitement after Sakina Karchau’s free kick was deflected by Damaris Aguirola on Jed Le Guilly, which failed. Get his shot back (45th+1). “We started strong but we fell against a big team from Paris who came to get usAnalyzed Selma Bacha at halftime on Canal+. We must first move towards the goal that will do us good. » Le Gully felt his team was doing “Better than resistance”.“We started the match well, we managed to keep the ball and crossRight side highlighted. We will continue to push in the second half. »

The visitors’ stubbornness ended: coming on for Le Guilly in the 61st, Eva Gatineau, recruited by PSG this winter, won a ball back to her camp and then launched a deep pass to Tabitha Chavinga. The speed and power of the Malawian, who had missed her shot earlier (in the 52nd), made the difference against Vanessa Gilles who could not prevent her from deceiving Endler (1-0, 66th). On the other hand, Bacha’s free kick was still well taken (78th) with Kidrzynek impressive as he slammed Gilles’ head to put his teammates ahead on the scoreboard.

The Pole then responded with another header from Horan (86th), preserving PSG’s brief lead. Alyssa de Almeida, on the other hand, could do nothing when she headed Delphine Cascarino’s cross from the right into her own goal (1-1, 90th). The Lyon winger, who came on in the 68th to replace Kedidiatou Diani, prevented OL from suffering their first defeat of the season. After this draw, OL lead the standings with ten points ahead of PSG, who are however a game behind. As a reminder, this season, the title will be decided in play-offs for which the top four in D1 qualify. Including OL, who validated their position with this result.

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