“No pillow, no blanket”: Admitted to the emergency room for a suspected stroke, he spends the night in the corridor and waits two days before being admitted to the hospital.

To be redirected to neurology, the patient had to undergo an “immediate examination to be able to get a place in the room”. An exam which will finally be conducted only after 48 hours.

Suffering from hereditary disease and presenting Symptoms that may indicate a stroke, a Finistère man presented himself at the Quimper emergency room this Saturday 23 March around 6pm. He would spend the whole night in the corridors of the establishment and have to do it Wait two days before entering the hospital.

“I didn’t have a pillow or a blanket. The staff managed to find sheets here and there. They got them two or three pieces of bread to feed me”, He testified in the column of Telegram. To redirect to neurology, the patient had to undergo “urgent exam to be able to get a place in the room”. An exam that will not be conducted on weekends. Finally, this patient will get a bed in neurology only after Monday afternoon. An endless wait “Tired”.

“I felt like I was going back twenty years”

But his anger is directed only at the failing health system, and not at the staff of the Kornaul Hospital Centre. “The team is very competent. He does this by profession. But she must be helped! It lacks tools, equipment, rooms. (…) To emergency, I had the impression of going back twenty years. with struggling people. But there is no recognition… During Covid, everyone applauded him every day. Today, they are forgotten.”

“Humanly, it’s complicated. Living in the hallway is still difficult (…) A team is buzzing on site to find solutions. Everyone takes care of themselves. But there is a real problem.”notes the forty-year-old.

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