Natalie Portman’s Revelations About Lucy Continuity, Leon: Luc Besson Speaks

“We can always criticize,” believes the director. 30, 40, 50 years ago (looking back) is very difficult for me. What’s the point?”

While his last film Dogmanwhich did not find its audience in France, was performed in a few American theaters, Luc Besson Constantly looks back on controversies and rumours. In the podcast discourseThe French director focused on two notable films from a filmography spanning over forty years: Lucy And Leon.

Already in 2017, Luc Besson refused to prepare a sequel to the sci-fi film undertaken by Ek. Scarlett Johansson Instagram post has a tenfold increase in potency with a synthetic drug. However, rumors persist, and always predict that a film with 5 million viewers will be entitled to it. Resurrection, reinforced by media speculation. Ironically, Luc Besson responds:

“Yes, I heard it. I read it too. I was glad to hear it. I said: ‘Oh, give me the script’. You know, that’s the problem with the Internet sometimes: I don’t know where the information is coming from. Sometimes I see my name attached to a film that I didn’t know about.

Does the cinema world still want to work with Luc Besson? “It’s not my problem,” he said

No Lucy 2 perspective, therefore. News that is ultimately not surprising, especially when we know that the director Nikita And big blue Gives himself three more attempts to complete his filmography.

Another point of contention, Leon, the 1994 film that became a cult hit. Let the purists rest: there was never any question of the second half. On the contrary, if this film is in discussion today, there is a reason for it Natalie Portmanwho was 13 years old on set at the time, admitted to being uncomfortable with the idea of ​​watching the film again: “This movie gave me a career, but it’s a real shame”, she acknowledged last year, when Luc Besson saw herself singled out by #MeToo. The actress also has a chance to recall the wave of harassment that this role earned her. The director reacts:

“Are you like 19 at 25? Finally, for my first short film, I was 17 years old. My parents divorced and sent me to boarding school; I had no education. I lived 60 kilometers from Paris. I knew nothing about life. I knew nothing about love. I knew nothing about anything. I was just in love with movies. Then you learn, you go to different countries, you start speaking English and you meet great people. You become able to lose and fall in love, get heartbroken, then fall in love again, and have a child and a normal life. So we always adapt to society as it is at that moment.”

Lucy sequel, Natalie Portman reveals: Luc Besson speaks

Defending his film, which was nominated for seven Césars in 1995, he continues:

“We can always criticize. 30, 40, 50 years ago (looking back) is very difficult for me. What is that issue? I don’t understand. Things are changing, many things are changing for the better. Some things are worse. And that is society after all. And then you have to adapt. I’m not who I am today, at 65, that’s for sure. I have five children, and was pretty much alone from the time I was born until I was 14.”

Luc Besson assures that he is not looking back, and that he is moving forward. Currently, he is adapting the legendary Draculafocused on “The Origins of the Prince of Darkness Before He Becomes a Vampire”. Filming, which takes place in Finland, brings them together Caleb Landry-Jones (Dogman) and Christopher Waltz. The film is slated to release in 2025.

Luc Besson has started shooting his movie Dracula


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