Nantes: Comboare (already) warns Keita

Antoine Combouret made a strong statement after making a successful return to Nantes.

Antoine Combouret has taken back control of FC Nantes. And for the first match after Jonellier’s return, he led his team to victory against Nice (2-1). A success that earned the Canaries great success in Arithmetic.

The Kanak coach was overjoyed when the final whistle blew. He even allowed himself to become a little intoxicated by the results obtained. Asking about his future, he looked far ahead. Very far indeed.

Kombouaré does not want a short tenure

“I have a mission, that is to save my club. And I want to stay back because I have a two-year contract. But you have to go find it. You have to deserve them,” He said in an interview with Amazon Prime.

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