Kanye West surprises, smokes lithium and fights Avdivka

Please move away from the edge of the platform. Trains will start running again. The SNCF controllers’ strike should end this evening after disrupting this winter holiday weekend. According to SNCF, 150,000 passengers, who were due to travel, were left behind during the three-day strike. So let’s start the week by getting back on track to normal… while waiting for next weekend?

As you may have understood, SNCF, Sud-Rail, CGT Caminos and Mélanie who “understand the demands but would have liked to go to Bordeaux by TGV” have shut down all TV sets, radios and other news sites. weekend but there was other information not to be missed. Here is a summary:

1. Russia won the Battle of Evdivka

A setback for the Ukrainian army. Russia on Saturday claimed “full control” of Avdivka in eastern Ukraine. “An important victory,” replied Vladimir Putin. During the night from Friday to Saturday, the Ukrainian army announced its withdrawal from Evdivka after months of heavy fighting and an intensification of Russian attacks aimed at capturing the largely devastated city. And this despite very high losses in men and equipment. According to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, the “justice decision” aims to “save the lives of as many people as possible”.

On Sunday, Russian troops attempted to advance further into eastern Ukraine, launching multiple attacks west of Avdivka. To follow the evolution of the conflict, you can access our live stream.

Additional Information: On Friday evening, Emmanuel Macron and Volodymyr Zelensky signed a bilateral security agreement, committing the two countries to support each other. But what is in this agreement? We reveal a part of it to you here.

2. 900 tons of lithium batteries went up in smoke

A fire broke out in a lithium battery warehouse in Aveyron on Saturday. The affected warehouse was 3,000 m2, containing 900 tons of 2.5% lithium batteries and is located in the city of Viviz. According to the prefecture, the fire, which was quickly brought under control, caused no casualties. The “still active” fire pit still mobilizes about twenty firefighters on site. The operation could last “several hours or even several days”.

Residents around the incident site within a radius of 500 meters have been confined to their homes since Saturday evening.

Additional Information: A disturbing discovery in the port of Trebourdon (Côtes-d’Armor).

3. Where are Navalny’s remains finally located?

His body has not been found since the protester’s death was announced on Friday. While Alexei Navalny’s family and team were taken from the morgue to the hospital by the colony in which he was imprisoned, the protester’s body was located at Salekhard District Hospital, according to media outlet Novaya Gazeta Europe. According to the media, which quoted a paramedic, no autopsy has yet been performed on the body which presented “bruises” linked to “seizures”.

At the same time, and despite severe repression and warnings, hundreds of Russians took part in small rallies in several cities on Saturday to pay tribute to the prominent critic of the Kremlin, who died the day before at the age of 47 in a prison. ‘The Russian Arctic.

Additional Information: Medvedev spreads rumors about Macron, Alyssey denounces “fake news”

4. A short tour of France from uniform to school

In Beziers, in the town of Robert Maynard, children have already tried on their uniforms, which they will have to wear from the start of the school year on February 26. But in other municipalities, the measure was a flop. In Plouisy (Côtes-d’Armor), the town hall backfired after parents reacted. On the campus of a school in Le Mans (Sarthe), the students themselves, in a vote, refused to all dress the same. 20 minutes This article tells you everything about this experiment.

More information : Ultimately it will not be 100 institutions that will test the uniforms, but 87, as Nicole Beloubet confirmed this Sunday on BFMTV

5. Surprise! Kanye West will be in concert at the Accor Arena next Sunday

This Saturday, the rap star who now calls himself “Ye” announced several concert dates in Europe, one of which will take place on February 25 at the Accor Arena in Paris. According to the venue’s website, tickets will go on sale from 10am on Tuesday.

Additional Information: Justine Bresas-Buchette won the collective start of the World Championship in Nove Mesto ahead of Lisa Vittozzi and Lou Jeanmonot. Julia Simon finished fourth.


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