Kanye West cancels several listening parties after this flop!

Kanye West and Ty Dolla Sign cancel their upcoming listening parties in the United States after their controversial performance at a festival.

After a brief stint in Europe, Kanye West and Ty Dolla have returned to the United States to continue signing shows. But later after the fiasco of the festival, many of his American listening parties have been cancelled. MCE explains everything from A to Z!

project cultures By Kanye West

For his musical return, Kanye West plans a trilogy cultures. In collaboration with Ty Dolla Sign, The first part was released on February 10, 2024.

It has 16 songs Multiple feats with Travis Scott, Playboy Carti, Quavo and North West. And one thing is for sure, the fans were there.

Indeed, a week after its publication, The album has already generated over 285 million streams on Spotify ! Cultures 1 reached number one in over 110 countries and became Kanye West’s 11th album to top the legendary Billboard 200 chart.

This success bodes well for the second part. Especially for this, Kanye West is already teasing a huge list of features.

indeed, Fans can expect some of the cast to return, such as Playboy Carty and Rich the Kid. But even that New faces Like Offset, Lil Dirk and Future.

For this second opus, French singer Yselt also participated in writing the song. she indicated On Instagram: ” I co-wrote the BELIEVER music with @adamvadel. »

To keep the fans in suspense, Kanye West and Ty Dolla Sign also revealed the cover Cultures 2. Enough to create hype!

But while promoting the debut album, Kanye West hosts listening parties, Some of them have just been cancelled In the USA. MCE tells you more!

Canceled some listening parties

From the beginning of 2024, Kanye West and Ty Dolla continue to listen to sign parties for Cultures 1. This is a listening session, often with the actors present. They also performed at the Accor Arena in Paris last February.

But there is bad news for ye fans. indeed, Upcoming listening parties have been cancelled.

however, Some of them were only advertised. It was held in various arenas across the United States, such as Pittsburgh, Nashville, and Washington, DC.

So a big disappointment, especially since the upcoming listening parties were promoted as “ The listening experience of Vultures 1 and 2. “But, The second part is yet to come out.

Originally announced for February 9, the album does not close will be rejected. Face the intensity of the situation, Kanye West wanted to respond.

When a fan asked: ” hi yeh Will Vulture 2 be available today?“, the rapper replied: ” We are in the laboratory. » A message that proves The album is still in preparation.

The next date has been announced Vultures 2 releases on April 5. But it cannot be maintained.

Thus, Kanye West has not commented on the multiple cancellations of his listening parties. He also deactivated his Instagram account this weekend.

According to the varietyHis “performance” The Rolling Loud Festival in California has a lot to do with it. Indeed, while the concert was to be partially live, the album was later rebroadcast. Cultures 1.

Yeh and tu dola sign also hide throughout the evening. A scandal for the fans, who were eagerly waiting for this performance.

In an interview with big boyRolling Loud aired just after the controversy, Ty Dolla Sign defended himself from this choice. He said that the show ” Still better than other people’s shows with microphones.