Josh Allen Hints He Might Break A Big Rule Of His Dating Life With Hailee Steinfeld For The Oscars

It looks like there’s a shortage of guys in the film industry, because after Taylor Swift, Hailee Steinfeld is making news for dating Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen. Rumors of their romance swirled in the summer last year and since then the two have subtly acknowledged their dating life, though not openly.

Hailee Steinfeld (Image via her Instagram)Hailee Steinfeld (Image via her Instagram)
Hailee Steinfeld (Image via her Instagram)

While Allen seems to be more outspoken than his Oscar-nominated girlfriend on the matter, his ‘hints’ haven’t exactly been clear. However, during a recent interview, the NFL star hinted that he might be breaking the rule of keeping his relationship private and attending the 2024 Academy Awards with his girlfriend.

Will Josh Allen and Hailee Steinfeld make their relationship official at the Oscars?

Josh AllenJosh Allen
Josh Allen (Image via his Instagram)

Not a fan of dating Hailee Steinfeld, since his short-lived romance with her in one direction Star Niall Horan in 2018, the actress recently went viral for her relationship with NFL star Josh Allen. The two first got hitched in May 2023 and have since made their relationship public, while still remaining tight-lipped about it (via TODAY).

After ‘accidentally’ confirming their relationship on the Pardon My Take podcast last year, Allen commented on dealing with paparazzi after their private moments went viral on the internet. He described how he felt insecure because there was no privacy.

And then again in October of last year while talking to PEOPLE, the Bills quarterback commented on how he likes Stay under the radar, hints that he also prefers to keep his relationships private. However, Allen may be ready to break one of her dating rules by potentially revealing her relationship with Steinfeld at the Oscars.

When on Above and Adams In a live show, he was asked about his sherpa jacket from Daniel Ricciardo’s clothing line, one of his appearances in the jacket was sold out. Asked if he would wear it to his first red carpet appearance with the Oscars aka his girlfriend, Allen commented ‘I might’.

Josh Allen and Hailee Steinfeld have kept a very low profile until now

Steinfeld and Allen may finally make it official (Images with Instagram)Steinfeld and Allen may finally make it official (Images with Instagram)
Steinfeld and Allen may finally make it official (images via their Instagram)

Although Josh Allen was very vague in his response, it seems that he and Hailee Steinfeld may be ready to officially go public with their relationship after keeping a relatively low profile. Since May 2023, the two have been spotted together dozens of times Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse The actress appeared at nearly every Bills game last season.

When the Most of the girls The hitmaker has yet to openly admit her romance with Allen, she recently commented E! News the host That’s not what it’s about when asked’What about sports man?’ Additionally, while on the Golden Globes red carpet, the actress improved a USA Today reporter when she saw him holding the wrong Bills jersey.

After being spotted numerous times in Bills’ gear and with Allen’s mother (by Heavy), it seems that Steinfeld has finally found her. shore and is headed in right direction.

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