JetBlue is promoting one-way flights under $50 through Jan. 10 as part of its “Big Winter Sale.”

JetBlue airline started the year with a one-way flight offer for less than $50 dollars For cities in the United States.

The New York-based company announced a “Big Winter Sale” promotion this week (Big Winter Sale) under which your customers can book discounted tickets for this season.

The offers will be available till January 10And apply at the crossing between 17th of this month and 27th of March.

On its website (, the airline highlights destinations in alphabetical order.

However, you can Filter the search by departure airport, as well as destination of interest; or by price, starting with the most economical offer.

Under this last option, The system offers a trip to Boston, Massachusetts for a base price of $44 John F. Leaving Kennedy International Airport (JFK).

If you choose to travel to Chicago, Illinois or Miami, Florida from the same airport, a one-way ticket will cost you $54.

To Kansas City, Missouri or Milwaukee, Wisconsin, you can travel for around $59.

There are other options available Austin, Texas, or New Orleans, Louisiana, for $79.

If your interest is to leave the US, You have the option of visiting the island of Aruba for a starting price of $124.

To St. Martin or the Turks and Caicos Islands, the price is $129.

You can also book a ticket to Liberia in Costa Rica for the same price.

Offers for Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Cancun

In the case of the popular Cancun, JetBlue promotes flights from JFK starting at $134.

One of the cheapest tickets to the Dominican Republic is landing in Puerto Plata. The price is $139.

A one-way trip to the capital San Juan, on the neighboring island of Puerto Rico, will cost $144..

Flights to Paris and London

JetBlue also offers Flights to Paris, France and London, England, for $399 and $339respectively.

It should be noted that since the discount is for one-way journeys, A return ticket may cost you more than you expect.

Promotions are real-time and subject to availability, so they can change at any time.

Additionally, it does not include charges for other services such as baggage check-in.

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