“It’s going to be incredible”, teases the arrival of Zoe Salda’s Avatars 3, 4 and 5

By Francois R

Zoe Saldaña, Neytiri in Avatar, gave a little more information about the upcoming sequels.

Avatar 2title WaterwayIt took almost 15 years to release in cinemas! Who can predict, 2009During the release of the first opus produced by James CameronThat we must wait till the end 2022 To know the rest of the adventures of Navis. And it’s not over.

Avatar has a busy schedule

The filmmaker also claimed that he was already planning a sequel. That is, Avatar 3, 4 and 5 are planned for 2025, 2029 and… 2031 respectively! Finally, if, in the meantime, there is no postponement of the publication date like the second opus, which took thirteen years to see the light of day. But, being purely objective, this game was worth it because the result exceeds the first film and meets all expectations. Recently, Zoe Saldana, Neytiri’s interpreter in Avatar, irritated Little arrival of the next three parts ofAvatar. And the actress looks totally excited!

Here’s a little tease, do you want it?

It’s going to be awesome!”, says Zoe Saldana in an interview Collider. “Avatar 3 Gonna be great! Then, together 4 And 5, it’s getting crazier. That’s for sure. James (Cameron, editor’s note) Will decapsulate your brain. This is his legacy (Cinematic) When we thought it would be Titanic. But it turns out that it is after all Avatar.” The actress, who played Neytiri twice, added in the same interview: “Being a part of such innovative and creative work means that we too share in this legacy. I’m so excited at the thought of getting back on track, we’re going back to coal next week. I can’t wait to see everyone again.” Off teasing In full language, with the splinters that go with it.

James Cameron describes the origins of Avatar

For his part, James Cameron is not short of words when it comes to revealing the entire creative process around.Avatar. “Lord of the RingsNo Peter JacksonMy model was (What to do AvatarThe filmmaker explains in another interview with Collider. “It was a crazy bet in its time (To present such an ambitious trilogy in cinema). I congratulate him.(…) But he had the original books as a reference point, especially to show the actors what they wanted.Demiurge says he imagined Avatar As if books already exist as raw materials. Thus, he, according to his statements, may have written “All views“so the interpreter”See where their characters are“Was to go and what”It all made sense

James Cameron Vs. Studio

James Cameron is not short of words when it comes to discussing all the exchanges with the studio. Major, among the secrets of an increasingly sclerotic Hollywood industry, is still as cautious when it comes to designing blockbuster films.When I handed over the scriptAvatar 2The studio returned me three pages of notes.”, explains James Cameron.Then, when I gave it to themAvatar 3, they only gave me one page. I think I am improving. Finally, when I handed in the fourth film I didn’t get a grade!” It must be believed, according to the person concerned, that Disneywho bought the fox Between the exits ofAvatar And Avatar 2Finally got it Cameron method. However, we have to be patient to see what happens next.

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