In an uncensored video, Hailey Bieber shares her battle against pimples

The whole world knows him for that Glowing dessert skin, her beautiful glowing skin that makes more than one person jealous. Over the years, Hailey Bieber has established herself as one that girl To whom we owe the latest skincare and make-up trends – makeup Sugar plum fairy.

If until now she only revealed herself in her best light, the 27-year-old girl finally wanted to share the condition of her skin recently in a video posted on Wednesday March 27 on her TikTok account. Being honest with her community, she reveals that she suffers from perioral dermatitis, a skin condition that resembles acne or rosacea or both.

Hailey Bieber assume Her imperfections in TikTok videos

Pimples, redness, enlarged pores… In her new video, Hailey Bieber sheds the mask of the perfect girl without any imperfections and admits that she too has bad skin days. “I wanted to talk to you about perioral dermatitis because I’ve had it since I was 19/20,” the star begins, showing off her skin in the sun and her few rashes. And I know many others suffer from it. But.”

The girl continues her video by sharing her best skincare tips which she religiously applies in these moments. She specifically mentions azelaic acid, an active ingredient capable of limiting the proliferation of acne-causing bacteria, which helps it fight the inflammation associated with dermatitis. As well as an antibiotic cream, its road brand tonic essence and an early morning SPF treatment.


Perioral dermatitis! Let’s talk about it!!

? Aesthetic Vibes – Megacreate

A relaxing video for acne sufferers

A video that never fails to be appreciated by its community. “It’s good for morale to see that he’s also had a bad period with his skin”; “I assure you!” ; “No skin shows perfect”; “Thank you for revealing yourself to us”; “Thanks for sharing this with us, I’m going through a tough time with my skin too,” fans said in the comments.

There is no doubt that this irresistible video resonates with the younger generation. In September 2023, an IFOP study for Sanofi was conducted with a sample of nearly 2,000 people aged 15 and over, showing that Almost one in two French people admit to being self-conscious about their skin. bad, Almost half of women (45%), and up to 80% of people with severe atopic dermatitis refused to post photos on social media. Because of the negative appearance on their skin.

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