“In terms of the way I express myself, I try to do the best I can…”

As a prelude to announcing the squad against Italy, the France XV coach responded to growing criticism over his communications. with much emotion.

It is the coach with emotion in his voice who begins his press conference by announcing the squad formation against Italy with a nearly ten-minute monologue. Asked about the criticism of his communication after the victory in Scotland – “absolute content, one of the most beautiful victories” – Fabian Galthy justified himself. And, as his plea went on, we felt that tears were no longer far away.

is”I hear good things, I hear bad things. I am very open to feedback. We are in the light, we are exposed. Everything we say, everything we do is commented on, good or bad. Everyone is responsible for his words. Words have meaning, they are very important. When we use it, it can be very positive or harmful. Be strong as punch. The way I express myself, comment on matches or answer questions, I try to do the best I can. To provide a vision, an objective to understand the questions that arise. I care who I talk”

is”In the last match, against Scotland, I repeat, we have to be able to deal with the big moments as well as the painful moments. The sequence of exits from the World Cup and the loss to Ireland in Marseille was a painful moment for us. But also for our supporters, the people who believe in us and follow us. Before this meeting, therefore, we refocused on the essentials: men and men’s hearts. The whole preparation for this match was how to do after being so heavy, with this pain and this responsibility, these criticisms of ourselves are very strong, because we demand a lot from ourselves, carrying the plane and wearing the blue jersey with pride. Let’s represent. .is”

We are deep in the rugby values ​​that we take and that we want to demonstrate.

is”This team, for five years, has already shown and shown again, and will show again, that the players who make it have the qualities we taught them in rugby schools. We are always supported by our loved ones, our families and our supporters. I want to take this opportunity to thank all these people in these difficult times who supported us even more powerfully than in the moments when the French team was able to win… The pain felt that week was also a great joy. Then the course of the match was very complicated. In the rain, in Scotland, against a team that is one of the best in the world and after losing to Ireland…, with a team on our side, to”

is”at 69E We are behind, we lost our captain and we coached the whole team. So a lot of youth and little experience. And we take the score again. We felt that there was energy, that resilience going on. This ability to transcend oneself and project oneself once again into the future. At that point, this team has crazy energy. We are far from data and strategy, even if it is important. We are deep in the values ​​of rugby that we take and we want to demonstrate that to our families, our teachers, our supporters. (…) Despite our faults, our protective fragility, we feel that…is”

The best thing, and this is the basis of rugby, in trouble, we have not looked away.

is”When Greg (Aldritt) says it’s one of the most beautiful wins, that I say I’m satisfied with the content, it’s because after this difficult week we shared such a strong, such a powerful moment in the locker room. , how happy I am. Because the main thing is not in the content but in the victory of inexperienced players who brought us all their determination. Our coaching, no one highlighted these finishers, it’s a shame. But we, internally, have published them. They said “We’re able to put on the jersey, we’re able to do what you’ve done for four years” and that’s great”

is”So yes, there is a lot of reading on the material. But, best of all, and this is the basis of rugby, in trouble, we didn’t look away, we bent our backs but we kept our heads up. The French team did the same in”

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