Gold medal for the French mixed relay team at the start of the World Championships

Eric Perot, Quentin Fillon Mallet, Justine Bresaz-Buchette and Julia Simon, in that order, dominated Wednesday’s event in Nove Mesto (Czech Republic).

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Quentin Fillon Melet passes the baton to Justine Bresáz-Bouchet during the mixed relay of the Biathlon World Championships, on February 7, 2024, in Nove Mesto (Czech Republic).  (MAXPPP)

An ideal start for the French biathlon team. The mixed triathlon relay won during the first day of the world championships in Nové Mesto, Czech Republic, on Wednesday 7 February. Despite unusual conditions, with positive temperatures and occasional rain softening the snow, Julia Simon crossed the line first, 45 seconds ahead of title holders Norway. Above all, this is the first world title in the French mixed relay since 2016.

The Blues were never down, thanks to Eric Perot in the lead at the first handover, second after Quentin Fillon Maillet’s race, but got a scare when Justin Bresaz-Bouchet got through. Feverish on the prone shot, the current second in the World Cup rankings had to turn around at the penalty ring and take the lead, 5th, 39 seconds behind Germany. But she was well above the competition on skis, which allowed her to catch up and regain the lead to overtake Julia Simon in the best position.

Despite pressure from Switzerland and Norway, with less than 10 seconds left, Julia Simon put in a perfect performance. With 10/10 in shooting, she left no hope for Norwegian Ingrid Tendrevold. Enough to fill individual, but also collective, confidence in this World Championship, which is just the beginning. French biathletes will have to confirm their dominance, while their male counterparts will be looking to return to the forefront. The next world race, the women’s sprint, will take place on Friday February 9 at 5:20 p.m.

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