In New York, a rich Democratic victory in lessons

During the partial legislative elections in New York, the Democratic candidate, Tom Suozzi, won the seat held by the Republican Party until now. The one who had occupied it until now, George Santos, was forced to resign after a series of lies.

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Centrist Tom Suozzi’s victory over conservative Mazi Philip allows the Democrats to further reduce their very slim majority. Republicans in the House of Representatives. In what promises to be a close presidential and legislative election year, the Democratic candidate’s victory in New York is highly symbolic. It was a great test of an electoral strategy that was ultimately successful and from which Democratic elected officials could draw inspiration, especially in the highly coveted suburbs of big cities.

Candidate Tom Suozzi, a former senator and prominent centrist in New York, focused his campaign on defending abortion rights and taking a hard line on immigration policy. On the subject, he promised to work with Republicans to find a common solution. According to the poll, this position on immigration is considered “ real » He received decisive votes from independent voters.

a campaign” Twisted blows “and” a lie »

Tom Suozzi, 61, a veteran politician, ” win Despite the campaign of Twisted blows “and” a lie » On the same theme of immigration. Eric Adams, the staunchly Democratic mayor of the megacity of 8.5 million souls — which has welcomed more than 165,000 migrants and asylum seekers from Latin America and West Africa since April 2022 — “ Good news for New York

Mazi Philip said he accepted his victory by calling his competitor to congratulate him. Tom Suozzi may have benefited from a low turnout this Tuesday due to a snowstorm that paralyzed the city and surrounding areas and many voters, especially Democrats, had already cast ballots in recent days.

Losing this New York seat in the House of Representatives makes things uncomfortable for Republicans. Because it now only takes three defections in a conservative group for one of their laws not to pass. Tom Suozzi’s victory should also please the White House, which has been busy trying to find a solution to the problem in recent days. Criticism of President Joe Biden’s age.

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