In just 4 days, this fruit can significantly improve your mental health

We know that eating an apple a day can keep you away from the doctor. But did you know that kiwi can also help a lot? According to a new scientific study, this vitamin C-rich green fruit can significantly improve your mental health in just four days.

To reach this conclusion, a team from the University of Otago, New Zealand, tested 155 adults for eight weeks with low levels of vitamin C. Vitality, mood, sleep quality and physical activity through a smartphone survey.

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“Relatively quick effect”

The results, published in the British Journal of Nutrition, showed that kiwifruit improved vitality and mood within four days, with effects lasting for about 14 to 16 days. As for the vitamin C supplements, they also improved participants’ mood by day 12, but to a lesser extent. “It helps us see that what we eat can have a relatively quick effect on how we feel.” Lead author, Dr Ben Fletcher, whose comments were carried by the Daily Mail, explained. And to add: “Our participants had relatively good mental health at baseline and therefore had some room for improvement, but they still reported benefits from the kiwifruit or vitamin C intervention.”.

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As the government points out on its website, fruits and vegetables, whether fresh, frozen or canned, provide us with significant amounts of various elements to protect our health and stay in shape. First of all, fiber, which contributes to the good functioning of the intestines. Then water, which contributes to our hydration in addition to the water we drink. Additionally, its presence in fruits and vegetables makes them low-calorie foods. Finally, nutrients (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, sugars, etc.), are essential for the functioning of our bodies.

Thanks to all these contributions, fruits and vegetables play a protective role against many diseases such as cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. And because of their low calorie content, they also help prevent weight gain.

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