How to get Blue and Pink Monkey Buddies in Roblox Pirate Island

Fans of free UGC can extend their journey by completing a few simple missions in Roblox Pirate Island. The center of attraction is obviously Pirate Island, where you can complete exciting quests to earn free UGC. Currently, two Shoulder Pals – Blue and Pink Monkey Buddies are up for grabs, and this guide explains the process of getting them.

Besides being beautiful, each shoulder has 13,000 pals. This means that there are more than enough units available for everyone.

All you need to know about Blue and Pink Monkey Buddies in Roblox Pirate Island

How to get Blue Monkey Buddy in Roblox Pirate Island?


Upon loading into Pirate Island, you’ll find yourself in a winter wonderland. Now, you have to go to the side pedestals. You will see the remaining units and the tasks to be faced for each monkey buddy. Currently, there are good numbers left for both: 12,838 Pink Monkeys and 14,959 Blue Monkeys. However, it is a hot commodity and sells quickly, so you should act accordingly.

The first process for Blue Monkey is quite simple, you have to join “The a for adly” group, play the game for a while and complete the daily quests. Completing the daily quests is also quite easy, you just need to click the button on the right side of your screen to open the daily quest menu.

Now, the daily quests can be different for everyone, and they refresh every day, so if you’re stuck with a more difficult one, just wait another day and try again. After completing the daily quests, you have to approach the Blue Monkey Pedestal and click on the claim to get free UGC.

How to get Pink Monkey Buddy in Roblox Pirate Island?


As for the pink monkey, the steps are the same. First, you have to join a group, play the game for at least 10 minutes and then get the mermaid baby cosmetic. Now, the twist with this is that you must buy the cosmetic, and to do that, you have to find a mermaid egg on the beach, hatch it, and then buy the cosmetic item from the in-game shop.

After completing all these quests, you can redeem the Pink Monkey Buddy for free by simply approaching it on the map, clicking on it, and redeeming it like the Blue Monkey Buddy. You will now have both blue and pink monkey buddies.

Pirate Island is a visually pleasing Roblox game. With its winter theme and easily navigable map, the game makes it even easier for a beginner to dive into. This makes making these monkey friends seem like a walk in a pirate park.

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