Historically lowest point total for 15 years!

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OM have nothing to be ashamed of with their classic defeat against PSG yesterday. The Marseille club hoped to achieve the feat against a team from another category and almost succeeded, with Beraldo’s red card balancing the debate, which PSG nevertheless managed to win in the end. And this Parisian victory leads to a terrible statistical reality. OM are unbeaten in the Ligue 1 standings, seventh in the Championship, four points behind Nice, fifth and all seven points behind Lille, the fourth and first virtual qualifiers for the Champions League.

Only Mitchell’s team fared poorly

So the C1 objective is increasingly distant for OM as a seriously failed season brings back very bad memories. Indeed, Stats Foot pointed out last night after the match that OM only have 39 points after 27 days, a total that has only happened once in the last fifteen years! The only team to do worse was Mitchell, who had 36 points at the same stage of the season in 2015/16. A sad memory that supporters would like to forget…

In sum

OM are struggling in Ligue 1 with just 39 points after 27 matches, a historic low of 15 years. Despite the honorable defeat against PSG, the Marseille club is far from in its ambitions to qualify for the Champions League. A disastrous season brings back dark memories for supporters, who blush with a record.

Julian Padebos

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