Here’s the ultimate free content for grabs, fun

If you play League of Legends, now is the time to grab one last bit of free content before it’s gone for good. It is the end of a beautiful era.

Do we really need to reintroduce League of Legends? One of the most famous multiplayer games in existence? Even today, despite the passing of years, the players respond, loyal to the status quo. Some of them can recover content from time to time, even without heating the credit card. This is the case now, and we advise you not to ignore it. For good reason, it is the last that will be made available.

One last free content for League of Legends

Maybe some context? First of all, those who do not have an Amazon Prime Gaming account are not affected. This is a subscription that provides regular access to free content for League of Legends. A meeting well known to users of the service, but one that was hit with bad news. Indeed, the partnership between him and Riot Games will end soon. But here, we are not exaggerating, because the deadline is… March 14, 2024. In short, next month.

As you may have realized, the content arriving in February 2024 will be the last from the collaboration between Prime Gaming and League of Legends. Suffice it to say, it’s better to take advantage of it. Then it will be over. Besides, MOBA is not the only one related. This is also the case with other titles from this generation, such as TFT or Wild Rift. As a result, subscription holders aren’t necessarily in heaven, and that’s understandable. Who can say no to these kinds of rewards that don’t require you to put your hand in your wallet?

We will still review the last items that are free, before the end. In itself, there is nothing surprising in this. It’s a classic move of 350 RP, 200 orange essence, or a permanent mystery skin (guaranteed epic). Far be it from us to say that this is not welcome, quite the contrary. We’ll let you see this, and don’t forget, you have until March 14 to get it:

  • 350 rp
  • 200 orange essence
  • Secret Permanent Skin (Guaranteed Epic)
  • Mystery Beacon skin
  • Permanent Champion Fragment
  • 2 pieces of Eternals from series 1
  • 30 days EXP boost
  • 4 Champion Shards

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