Her sister responds to rumors that her father wants to confront Kanye West

Bianca Sensori: Responds to Rumors Her Dad Wants to Take on Kanye West
Faced with numerous rumors of tension between Kanye West and Bianca Sensori’s father over the latter’s daring outfit, Bianca’s sister Angelina Sensori has spoken out to clarify the situation and calm the naysayers.

In recent days, the Daily Mail has relayed information from sources close to the couple Bianca Sensori and Kanye West, according to which Bianca’s father, Leo Sensori, will be very angry with the American rapper for his choice to let his partner appear in public. The style of clothing is consistently considered provocative and indecent.

Bianca Sensory wears daring outfits: Her sister denies tensions with Kanye West

However, Angelina Sensori denied these reports in a statement to the Herald Sun magazine. “We all support him. We support his new album. We support their new clothing collection”, she told the Australian tabloid in its Friday March 29 edition. She confirms that newspaper articles mentioning her father’s name in relation to Kanye West “There’s only garbage”.

These claims contradict a recent Daily Mail article from an anonymous source. According to this source, Leo Sensori will be impressed with his daughter’s daring outfits when she appears with Kanye West. There are media reports that he condemned the fact that his daughter was being used “an obscene commercial product” By Ye people talk about him for his promotion. The girl’s casual outfits often make a splash on the cover pages of celebrity magazines or on social networks. Yet according to the Daily Mail, he also demanded to meet the rapper for a face-to-face confrontation.

Despite these rumours, Angelina Sensori assures that the relationship between Kanye West and his in-laws is going well. A few days ago, Bianca’s mother Ye and her daughter were all smiles at the airport.

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