Controversy, partner, closing cinema, his new life… everything you need to know

Happy Birthday ! Former actress Adèle Haenel celebrates her 35th birthday on February 11. Private life, cinema, life change… we reveal its secrets to you.

Twice cesarean, Adele Haneel decided to end her career suddenly. As she celebrates her 35th birthday, here’s everything you need to know about her.

Who shares the life of Adele Haenel?

During the 2014 Cesars, Adele Hennel openly made hers come out Lesbians declaring their love for the director Celine Sciamma With whom he has shot many films. I wanted to thank Celine, because I love her“, can be heard. Her tender words to her partner did not go unnoticed, unlike what the actress had imagined. for StubbornShe confirmed her state of mind: “I did things on my own scale. The funny thing is that after the Caesar ceremony, it seems that no one was listening. I said to myself: ‘Well, I don’t. I don’t want to talk about it.’ “

a A romantic relationship that lasted until 2018 before breaking up. Despite everything, the two women remained on good terms and continued to collaborate on films. Portrait of a girl at the fire. Since then, radio silence about their love life…

What are the films of Adèle Haenel?

Present on the big screen since the age of 11 Devils Through Christophe Ruggia – whom she accused years later of touching and sexual harassment -, the actress continued an exemplary career in cinema: Portrait of a girl at the fire, fighters, 120 beats per minute, on sale!, Suede Or Suzanne… In total, about 25 films with a career in the theater that began in 2012.

In 2023, Adele Hanel was on stage Extra life.

Adele Hanel facing the Polanski controversy

During the 2020 César ceremony, Adele literally broke down live after the announcement of the award given to Hanel Roman PolanskiThe film won the best director crown I allege that night Faced with this celebration, the actress noisily stormed out of the room, “.It’s a shame! Shame !

Through this act of rebellion, the actress drew attention to the fact of awarding a man accused of rape and sexual assault by many women over the years. As a reminder, the actress herself openly testified in an interview Mediapart She was allegedly molested by Christophe Ruggia, the director of her first film, when she was a minor.

for TeleramaAdèle Haenel explained His choice to withdraw from the cinema industry : “I decided to politicize my end of cinema to denounce the profession’s general complacency towards sexual assaulters and, more generally, the way this environment collaborates with the deadly racist ecocidal order of the world.

An unexpected choice since she signed a contract with an American agency a few years ago to launch a potential career in the United States. But the actress, who claims to be very leftist, no longer wants to associate with this environment.

Adèle Haenel: What happens to her?

Bye Cinema also her mid-length bob. From now on, it’s a boyish haircut and Adele Hanel decided to continue her career in a healthy way on the theater stage. In June 2023, the latter was observed in Quebec Paris match Meanwhile Transamerica Festival. A fresh start that suits him perfectly and is linked to his other more political activities. However, she does not exclude cinema if these are projects signed by her former partner and director Celine Sciamma or if they are made by people far from the cinema industry.

What are its commitments?

Adèle Haenel is an activist for sensitive causes. For an Italian magazine ManifestoShe got a chance to confirm her commitments, “Today, I am not only a feminist, but more involved in the fight against racism and capitalism Before continuing”Most of my energy now goes into listening and Helping victims of social abuse A feminist icon who isn’t afraid to make her commitments loud and clear. was praised and supported by about 200 personalities including Anne Arnoux, Camille Cotin Or even Noémie Merlant!

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