From flawless official to Trump’s ‘mall’

In one day, in the corridors of the White House, Robert Hurr has gone from being a prosecutor with an impeccable track record to exemplifying the professionalism and independence of the Biden administration. A sort of unscrupulous republican terrorist That over the course of a year he finds no offense in the conduct of the President and decides to attack him because of his advanced age and series of major mistakes.

At 51, Hurr was selected by Attorney General Merrick Garland in 2017 to investigate whether Biden committed a crime by taking a series of classified documents from the vice president. The answer is no, but Hurr, in a detailed and monumental report nearly 400 pages long, says Biden has severe memory and cognitive impairments, given his advanced age.

Hurr is an attorney and former federal prosecutor who has held senior positions at the Justice Department. He served as Deputy Attorney General of the Department of National Security from 2018 to 2021 under President Donald Trump. In this position, he supervised Cases related to national security, terrorism and other critical areas of law, with an impeccable track record. Before that, he was a federal prosecutor in Maryland, where he oversaw major cases involving organized crime, drug trafficking and other federal crimes.

A succession of attacks

Until he published his report, he was an exemplar of impartiality, as defined by the White House a year earlier, someone with a “long and distinguished” career.

As is usually the case when faced with a setback like this, the government changed its strategy the same day Hare published his report, and continued the attacks: Today it is a Trump Mall of sorts, a disgruntled Republican, an American and telegenic version of all the evils of the so-called ‘law’, the supposed political use of the judicial process. Democratic senators accused him of allowing political interests to dictate the president’s private life in the event of a Trump victory.

The prosecutor, for his part, remains silent. He wrote everything he had to say in his report.

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