Francesco Ferrioli, after Nice’s defeat to Monaco: “They were scared”

“How do you feel after this defeat?
I would like to congratulate my team, who played a high level match. Afterwards, it must be said that Monaco gained a lot of time throughout the meeting. They got scared. But we were never scared against a high-quality opponent. Even when we were shorthanded, we had five or six chances to score.

What do you think about Dante’s Expulsion (54th)?
I looked at the images again. Everyone will have an opinion on this. But my role is not to judge this or that.

“The only negative thing is the result. Everything else was very good. This will help us for the future”

Should we calm things down at 2-2?
We had problems reading the game in certain situations. We lacked judgment and management. The match was of a very high standard. The boys wanted to win this match, we were physically better. There is no regret in the vote.

Before this Sunday evening you had never lost at home…
Losing never feels good, at home, away, against Monaco or others. The only negative thing is the result. Everything else was pretty good. This will help us later. Now all results are important. There will be ups and downs. Lyon match (Friday) will be very important. The race to Europe is still long.

How would you judge Ivan Goosend’s performance?
This is another very successful match from him. He never goes through it physically, tactically, technically. He obviously needs to improve, in who knows what areas. Bravo to him. »


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