Fortnite back on iPhone in Europe!

Imagine a world where after nearly three years away, you can once again build castles and battle for victory royale on your iPhone. This dream may soon come true for European players of Fortnite, the battle royale video game phenomenon. In 2021, a dispute between Fortnite’s publisher Apple and Epic Games led to the game being removed from the App Store. Epic Games tried to avoid Apple’s commission by offering its own payment methods, which led to a major lawsuit.

Despite the legal defeat for Epic Games in September 2021, the situation has evolved with the introduction of new regulations from the European Union. The Digital Markets Act (DMA) forces Apple to review its App Store policy. Epic Games took this opportunity to announce the long-awaited return of Fortnite to iOS devices in Europe.

The exact details remain unclear, but Epic Games is confident that Fortnite will return to the App Store in 2024. However, third-party apps, especially those that offer in-app purchases, will remain under Apple’s oversight. With the new European rules, Epic Games can benefit from some flexibility, but still has to be careful not to violate Apple’s guidelines. Stay tuned for more information on the return of Fortnite to your mobile screen!

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