Foldable clamshell iPhone, with foldable iPad preview not before 2026?

Recent behind-the-scenes news from Apple, including two foldable iPhones in development and a foldable iPad already arriving.

Rumors follow one another and are similar, each time lending more credibility to the secrets that tech companies try to keep as best as possible. Case of the day, Apple has a foldable screen iPhone in development, or rather an iPhone, because at least two prototypes are currently being tested if we believe the indiscretions collected by the site The Information.

A foldable iPhone, two clamshell prototypes are being tested at Apple

These two models are Galaxy Z Flip-style flip mobiles, still in their early stages of development and not part of the 2024 or 2025 production schedule. So the foldable iPhone won’t be released before 2026 at best. The foldable iPhone project was apparently ordered by Apple CEO Tim Cook in 2018, but the device still needs to overcome technical challenges to meet the company’s standards. So Apple wants this model to be no thicker than existing iPhones… in folded mode! So we expect a very thin mobile when it opens (half as thin as a normal iPhone), but we have to wait for battery and screen technologies to evolve to make this wish possible.

Planned availability before foldable iPad, foldable iPhone

At the same time, Apple is also working on an iPad mini-sized foldable iPad with an 8” (20.32 cm) screen. Here, there are no thickness limitations, as the user is not expected to carry the tablet with them everywhere. However, Apple is actively working to eliminate the visible crease in the center of the screen and achieve a flat crease with no visible area between the two halves. The company is actively working with Samsung and LG on the screen of this device.

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