Florida’s Joker is no longer suing Rockstar but wants to dub “his” character in GTA VI.

Remember Lawrence Sullivan? This is the name of the American who became an Internet meme after his arrest photo (this “mugshot”) was presented to the public. The reason? He is fully tattooed on his face and has green hair, earning him the nickname “Florida Joker” (Florida Joker) in reference to the famous Batman antagonist.

But sure enough for the trailer a few months ago GTA VI Also rocked the internet. Among the multiple characters we see, there is an inmate who strongly resembles Lawrence Sullivan. Especially since the plot of this highly anticipated video game is apparently set in Florida.

Initially, Sullivan was prepared to sue Rockstar Studios and publisher Take-Two for the use. “illegal” his “picture”. He started out asking for $1 million, then went up to $10 million.

But now he has another request, as he revealed in a video posted on his TikTok. He no longer wants to file a complaint but wants to be the voice actor behind the character he says is inspired by him.

@lawrence.sullivan0 Gta we gotta talk #gta6 #fyp #jokerchallenge #jokerface #batman #fishing #beach #food #dog #sunset #life #joker #gta5 ♬ Original Voice – Lawrence Sullivan

“GTA, Rockstar, Take-Two, we need to talk. I am not suing you now but you are still in trouble.”

“It’s been two months.”It continues. “Two months. You still haven’t contacted me, you still haven’t messaged me. Let’s do what’s right. Give me $50,000, $100,000, let me voice the character, let me promote the game.”

Sullivan is very confident in his abilities, even though we don’t know his character GTA VI There will be one line of dialogue in question. But according to him, it is at the root of the explosive success: “People want to play it. I’m the reason the game is so popular right now.”It turns out.

Just bright.

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