GTA 6 fan art imagines Lucia in 9 different art styles


  • Grand Theft Auto 6 fan art showcases Lucia in various popular franchise styles, highlighting her collaborative potential.
  • Eefie_von’s fan art shows a diverse range of anime art styles, with each interpretation of Lucia having distinctive features.
  • While Lucia’s design may change slightly, the GTA 6 trailer reveals her appearance.

Grand Theft Auto 6 Fan art has revealed what Lucia looks like in nine iconic styles. Most video games have their own unique visual style, but one Grand Theft Auto 6 A fan gives others an idea of ​​what one of the main characters would look like in other properties.

This Grand Theft Auto 6 The trailer broke viewership records when it released in December. Among the memorable scenes highlighted in the trailer are several scenes that focus on one of the protagonists, Lucia. The trailer shows Lucia in prison before revealing the new iteration of Vice City. Vice City was last featured as a location Vice City Stories, a popular spin-off title on the PSP. The video then teases the rumored relationship between secondary protagonist Lucia and Jason. Inspired by what Luciana has shown so far, A GTA 6 A fan has drawn the character in a variety of art styles that showcase her collaborative abilities.

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Reddit user Eefie_von recently shared an image that compiles several different looks Grand Theft Auto 6of Lucia. With Rockstar Games offering its own unique aesthetic, the image spotlights how the protagonist will look in various popular franchises. Lucia is imagined as a character from Attack on Titan, Demon SlayerDisney, Dragon Ball Super, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Naruto, a pieceAnd Rick and Morty. There’s also a unique Lucia in the center that they’ve dubbed “fan art”, suggesting that this is how Reddit envisions the user. GTA 6 Although the character’s design reflects much of the IP they are copying, the fan art has a sharper look similar to Lucia from Rockstar Games.

While most of Eefie_von’s fan art shows Lucia as an anime character, it shows how different each anime art style is. This Dragon Ball Super Lucia has a large build and strong facial expressions, while Attack on Titan And Demon Slayer People put more detail in her hair. Japanese characters around JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Lucia as they do with the characters in the anime, and a piece Repetition properly has lines in its shadows. In addition, the Disney version of Lucia is comparable to other Disney princesses, and Rick and Morty A brunette looks like Summer Smith.

Although the design of the Lucia may change slightly before the launch, the GTA 6 The trailer probably reveals what it will look like in the game. Since Eefie_von’s post includes a fan art version of the character, it may share some resemblance to Lucia’s box art version.


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